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Jessi Wong
Aftermath and Rebirth

Feb 11 – 25



These 3-dimensional imagined sea- and landscapes draw inspiration from the effect of human activity on the environment. The dystopian landscapes are occasionally dark, barren and bleak in shades of grey and black in an imagining of the future. They are sometimes a strong bright red with yellow clouds, drawing reference to the skies after a nuclear apocalypse; or they can be deep blue, like a vast expanse of water engulfing the planet. Other 2-dimensional works on paper are borne from the misprints and offcuts of these works and rebirthed through a combination of collage, drawing, and print. These are more playful in nature and act as a contrast to their original intention. While different in subject matter, these works rely on the creation of the other and emerge as hope in the aftermath of the destruction.⠀⠀⠀