NEW, NEW | Philippa Riddiford

At the cutting edge of contemporary digital art and printmaking, Printmaker Gallery is proud to present her upcoming exhibition NEW NEW

Melbourne based N.Z. artist Philippa Riddiford comes from a comprehensive background in design and fashion.

Philippa received considerable media attention from 1986 to 1996 for her input in the fashion and design scene in New Zealand, with her well known and popular label ‘Philippa Riddiford Accessories’.

Continuing with her creative ventures in Melbourne, Philippa began experimenting with acrylic, spray paints, textas and cut-outs, which led to her current printmaking practice.
Her bold creations pay homage to the Mid Century Modern Design movement. Space, colour and form play a significant role in her work as does the importance of allowing room for chance and spontaneity. A sense of humour and a whimsical twist is always present.

Opening night 11th Aug 2017, from 6 to 8pm with a live performance from Phil Manning

Guitarist, singer songwriter Phil Manning 

Philippa Riddiford

Exhibition dates: 11 – 25 August 2017


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