Exhibition Opens July 13th



Printmaker Gallery is proud to present its inaugural annual group exhibition, The Forest, featuring over 30 local and interstate artists, each with their own unique representation of a tree. The gallery will be transformed into a forest in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Environment Victoria.

 Within the context of worldwide growing concern about the environment and climate change, this exhibition sets outs to stimulate dialogue about the relationship between the artist and the natural world. The Forest aims to demonstrate how the experience, knowledge and practice of artists, including scientific, social and cultural issues, are woven through contemporary printmaking.

Our opening night will feature Greg Foyster, Communications Manager for Environment Victoria who will give a short presentation. Greg is a widely published journalist and an alumnus of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. He has presented on environmental issues and at writer’s festivals throughout Australia. Greg was featured in The Age as one of their ‘Top 100’ inspiring and influential Melbournians of 2012.

About Environment Victoria: ‘Independent and not for profit, we’ve been campaigning to look after Victoria’s environment since 1969. With more than 40 grassroots member groups and 100,000 individual supporters, we’re a growing community of Victorians standing up for a safe climate, healthy rivers and a sustainable future.’    

Anna Curtis – Angela Coombs Matthews – Christine Lawry – Callum Jackson – Di Colk – Damon Kowarsky – Elizabeth Banfield – Georgia Thorpe – Gwen Scott 
Hyun Ju Kim – Jeff Gardner – Jennifer Rogers – Jessica Irvin – Jessica Parker – Julie Mia Holmes – Juliet Wilson – Justin McShane – Kareen Anchen – Kasia Fabijańska 
Kati Thamo – Kevin Foley – Kyla Cresswell – Kylie Blackley – Marisa Corral – Mark Graver – Mark Rowden – Pamela Griffith – Priscilla Ambrosini – Rachel Moodie
Robyn Rayner – Rosemary Eagle – Suzanne Hutton – Tanja Riese – Tony Ameneiro

Upcoming Exhibition

The intricately crafted and highly imaginative images of contemporary Australian artist Lucy Hardie are breathtaking to behold. Lucy’s mesmerising subjects inhabit a world of fantasy and mystery and draw us into a personal journey examining life, death, and spirituality.

With a strong emphasis on the female figure, her narratives are interwoven with elements of romanticism, mysticism and the gothic imagination. Influenced by the Old Masters, Lucy’s work seems to recall a time passed. Her meticulous compositions of light and dark rendered with the layers of fine lines and dots are awe-inspiring in their execution.

Lucy Hardie is an emerging artist who has already made a large impression throughout Australia, Europe and the US, her artwork is now highly sought after. She has exhibited extensively and is featured in numerous art and literary publications worldwide.

Devotion will showcase Lucy’s most recent limited edition Giclèe prints, along side examples of her original fine pen and ink drawings.



Opening this Thursday March 2nd

MICHAEL WEDD – In My Beginning is My End

Italo Calvino once wrote; My inside was out and my outside was in…originally, I was surrounded by water and now I am constituted largely of it.’ From the earliest signs of life on the planet as mono-cellular life-forms to our current evolutionary status as the dominant controlling species, we have displayed a remarkable ability to adapt genetically.

Michael Wedd’s work, both figurative and non-figurative, is an exploration of ideas pertaining to our collective identity. “It is a mapping of spatial and tonal relationships, antithetical opposites, micro-macro relationships, symbols, languages and mark making. A personal D.N.A of emotional intelligence/existence.”

In My Beginning is My End (the title taken from T.S Eliot’s Four Quartets) is a retrospective exhibition of unique state prints made within the last decade of Michael Wedd’s art career. Michael describes his art practice as “a way of connecting with the world and reconnecting with the primordial aquatic. Submerging and emerging images caught between creation and destruction.”

Exhibition dates: 2 – 23 March 2017
Opening night: March 2nd 6 – 8pm







Holiday Season

Wishing you all Happy Holidays! Printmaker Gallery is open every day until Christmas Eve 24th Dec 10am – 4pm.

We will re-open with regular trading hours on January 3rd 2017.


Featured image: Justin McShane ‘Clearing Rain 2’ Photo-etching and Chine-collè