Martin King

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Four Days on the Crossing

martin-king-blind faith, imperfectly known. 2017 polymer intaglio, 35cm x 35cm

Blind Faith Imperfectly known

dawn survey indigo, 2015 relief etching 90 x 134 cm copy

Dawn Survey Indigo

searching for bird river III, etching, 29.5cm x 39cm

Searching for Bird River III

melencolia #I, photogravure intaglio, 31cm x 43 cm

Melencolia I

hoodwinks and lyres studies for the volumes II

Hoodwinks and Lyres study for the Volumes II

the lyres

The Lyres

hoodwinks and lyres study for the volumes

Hoodwinks and Lyres study

martin-king-the-lyres I

The Lyres I

flow IV, 2016, etching with hand colouring, 18 x 91 cm

Flow IV